The Latest Service Management Trends

Service management systems (SMS) make getting work done, easy – it’s as simple as that. But while choosing the right ITSM provider for your business shouldn’t be a popularity contest, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the latest service management trends when making your decision.  

Deskware’s service management platform employs some of the most sought-after tools, functionalities, and features to keep your business on the cutting edge.  

Time to see what all the buzz is about. Here are just a few Deskware service management features that are trending in the service management space right now:  

Workflow Automation 

Face it, traditional workflows are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Service management technologies, however, now offer updated – and automated – solutions to the inefficacies of classic work structures.  

Deskware’s automated workflows ensure tasks are completed efficiently and accurately, curtailing the effects of human error. Plus, management tools like ticket linking, automatic updates, and agent time tracking will keep your team from falling behind the curve both with their tasks and with that of your competition.  

Security & Storage 

As technologies change, so to do the rules of privacy. Deskware’s cloud-based program comes equipped with the enterprise security and storage systems needed to guarantee that your program maintains compliance and stays protected.  

Mobile App Accessibility  

Excellent service starts with meeting expectations – and today’s clients expect a lot. Going into 2020, consumers want timely responses that still provide results, regardless of the time of day they reach out or the outlet they use to do so. 

Included in Deskware’s suite of service management solutions is the mobile app accessibility that your agents need to resolve issues via email, phone, social, or chat, 24/7/365. The enhanced mobility found in Deskware’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) structure will increase client satisfaction without placing an undue strain on your workforce. 

Automated Satisfaction Surveys 

Did someone say satisfaction? 

Where traditional organizational tools have a limited range over customer satisfaction, Deskware’s management platform uncomplicates the process of success measurement through automated surveys and dashboard accessible KPI’s.   

Vendor Management 

Deskware’s vendor management system (or VMS) allows your team to create, document, and advance vendor relationships with ease. And while information management has always been important in the eyes of most professionals, the proper storage and organization of vendor records is perhaps one of the most crucial service management trends your business can adhere to in the coming years. 

Enhanced Experience 

In addition to operational efficiencies, the latest service management trends also point to the ever-growing importance of improved overall experience, both for your end-users and your employees. At the end of the day, the smart, easy-to-use tools employed by Deskware streamline the overall service experience, shaping solutions and relieving tension for both sides of the screen.  

Be a Trendsetter 

Deskware’s service management platform is replete with the most popular features on the market today. Offering a combination of automated and manual processes designed to keep your team organized, efficient, and up-to-dateDeskware is a frontrunner in management functionality. Are you ready to lead the pack? Visit us online today to learn more! 

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