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Everything you need to help your customers

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Cloud SaaS Ticketing System

No software to install, accessed with web browser. Priced by agent. Pay as you grow. Create tickets through the following channels: email, online and mobile.


Dashboard displays KPI's that matter to your business.

Recurring Tickets

Ability to create recurring tickets for the tasks that you have to regularly complete.

Agent Time Tracking

Log time and track where time is spent.

Reminders (with SMS integration)

Ability to create a reminder for a ticket at a specified time. Reminder will appear in application and can also send SMS reminder.


Create triggers for notifications and other ticket updates.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys can be sent on demand or through automation when tickets are completed.

Workflows / Automation

Automate tasks and updates in Deskware.

Global Search

Robust searching allows you to find what you are looking for.

Help Desk Verification

Verify your users are who they say they are through SMS verification.

Client Portal

Give your customers access to Deskware to submit and review tickets at no additional cost.

Knowledge Base

Store information as articles to make it easy to find and reference information from within Deskware.

Vendor Management

Manage Vendor information; such as ISP's, Hosting, Licensing, etc.

Linked Tickets

Group similar tickets together and link them to a master ticket.

Merge Tickets

Merge similar tickets to reduce ticket "noise".

Notification Center

Built in notification center centralizes your notifications.


Create system wide announcements for your agents and customers.

Custom Filters

Custom drill down filtering for tickets.


Tag tickets to quickly find tickets.

Website Support Widget

Integrate Deskware into your website to offer support for your customers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Simple and easy to remember keyboard shortcuts to make your job easier.

Dark Mode

Switch between Classic Mode or Dark Mode. Dark Mode makes it easier to stay focused on your work.

Custom Fields

Allows you to add additional information to track and organize tickets, accounts and contacts.


Realtime application updates

Updates are posted to the application in real time.

More Features

Agent Views

Create custom views that make sense for your business.

Personal Templates

Agents have the ability to create templates for commonly used content.

Two Factor Authentication

Enable two factor authentications for better security.

SLA Management

Track your tickets according to your SLA.

Custom Profile Preferences

Agents have the ability to modify their preferences.

Enterprise Security

Fully hosted with enterprise security.


Access to support when you need it. 24x7x365

Everything you need to help your customers

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