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A trustworthy, cloud-based customer support solution for any industry.

Keep track of your customer interactions and problem-solving processes in one place.

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An efficient
way to work

A combination of manual and automated processes allows you to resolve customer issues fast and efficiently, all in one place.
The cloud-based nature of this ticketing system helps to keep track of conversations, prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you are always a valuable resource for your customers.

Organized collaboration makes great communication

Deskware improves your communication between help desk agents and customers, resulting in faster, better problem resolution with no unnecessary friction. Agents and customers can communicate online, through email or through the Deskware mobile app.

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Deskware Works for You

Deskware provides a system that is flexible, scalable and simple-to-use, making customer support an easily manageable process.

Deskware allows you to get started with…

  • No software installation
  • Easy integration
  • A pay-as-you-go-and-grow model

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  • Real-time updates
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Automation
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