A trustworthy, cloud-based customer support solution for any industry.

Keep track of your customer interactions and
problem-solving processes in one place.

An efficient way to work

A combination of manual and automated processes allows you to resolve customer issues fast and efficiently, all in one place. The cloud-based nature of this ticketing system helps to keep track of conversations, prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you are always a valuable resource for
your customers.

Organized collaboration makes great communication

Deskware improves your communication between help desk agents and customers, resulting in faster, better problem resolution with no unnecessary friction. Agents and customers can communicate online, through email or through the Deskware mobile app.

Customized to fit your needs

Among its many features, Deskware allows you to be organized and problem-solve your way. Within the system agents can create custom agent views and custom ticket filters to organize tickets beyond priority status in the queue.

Customizable automated processes give you the bandwidth you need to provide the overall best experience for your customers. Automate specific tasks by setting reminders via desktop and mobile for new and recurring tickets. Set deadlines through SLA Management based on categories, tags or different business hours, and see boosted productivity through automated triggers to notify you about updates.

Deskware Works for You

Deskware provides a system that is flexible, scalable and simple-to-use, making customer support an easily manageable process.

Deskware allows you to get started with…

  • No software installation
  • Easy setup
  • A pay-as-you-go-and-grow model


Experience real-time communication with Deskware. Chat one-on-one with agents, internal users, in group messages, and on tickets.


Bring Deskware with you on-the-go. With the Deskware mobile app, you can navigate the platform with ease. Downloading the Deskware app is free, and it’s available for both iPhone & Android users.

We know that life happens outside of your office cubical. That’s why we took all the time-saving and collaborative features of Deskware and built it into a mobile-friendly app. Deskware wherever work takes you.

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Knowledge base

The knowledge base is an online library accessible to both Deskware users and agents. Everything in the library is organized into categories and FAQs, so the stored information is easy to find. With continuous updates, the Deskware knowledge base increases ticket resolution times and gives users an archive of resources.

Deskware Integrations

Deskware integrates with many of the best in class products to help support all of your business needs.

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Deskware Security

Keep your information safe with Deskware Security. From Help Desk Verification to Two-Factor Authentication, we are committed to keeping your data protected.

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Set Reminders
Stop forgetting things to do.  Create reminders to keep you on track
Time Tracking
Track your time by logging time against tickets
Linked Tickets
Link related tickets together and simplify updates and ticket management
Use checklists for your SOPs to improve the consistency and accountability of work
Dashboards give you a 360 degree view of Deskware through KPI’s
Recurring Tickets
Use recurring tickets to create tickets for things you need to do regularly