5 TED Talks on Improving the Customer Experience

You don’t need a week-long conference to up your service game. In fact, if you have 15 minutes, then you already have all the time you need to learn the secrets to improving the customer experience (CX). 

TED’s short-form, powerful speeches known as TED Talks are renown internet-wide for their insights into the world of technology, entertainment, and design. From the power of body language to the newest in medical miracles, the TED video library offers expert-led observations on a little of everything – including the ins-and-outs of customer experience. 

What do you say, got a few minutes to spare? 

Here are 5 essential TED Talks on improving the customer experience:  

5 ways to lead in an era of constant change

The age of rapid change is among us. And regardless of industry, we’ve all witnessed the drastic effects changes in technology and communication can have on the customer experience. This 2016 TED Talk from Boston Consulting Group’s Jim Hemerling challenges managers and employees alike to re-frame how we approach times of change by always putting people – and by extension, the customer – first. 

Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague

This 2018 talk from technology advisor Nadjia Yousif underlines just how important integrating your technology into your team can be. Employees in the vanguard of using new platforms, systems, or service management tools are often mistrustful of the tech itself, and therefore don’t see the results managers had hoped. According to Yousif, taking the time to “train” your service technology will not only make your team more successful, but also put your business on the path to improving the customer experience overall. 

How Airbnb designs for trust

Whether it be in their physical safety or cybersecurity, building trust is central to the customer experience – and no one knows this better than Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. In this presentation from February 2016, Gebbia delves into the importance of building trust within your business and customer service models from the ground up. 

What consumers want

It was true in 2004 and it’s still true today: your customers want authenticity. Here, author and consultant Joseph Pine will talk you through reconciling your client’s need for a genuine, trustworthy customer experiencing with the often inorganic relationship that exists between corporation and consumer. 

How we can teach computers to make sense of our emotions

Utilizing an artificial intelligence tool like a chatbot can do wonders for improving the customer experience. But how do we ensure that AI can actually meet the consumer expectations set by person-to-person relationships? IBM’s Raphael Arar does a deep-dive into how humanizing our technology can improve communications in this talk from 2017. 

Let’s Talk About It

Improving the customer experience is central to developing a great service program. From the first point-of-sale to every moment of contact thereafter, your service team has the opportunity to shape meaningful opinions and form lasting relationships with your clients. 

Of course, TED talks aren’t the only ones here to help. To learn more about upping your service program, visit Deskware online today!

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