10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

It should come as no surprise that the benefits of keeping your existing customers happy often vastly outweigh those of acquiring new ones. It’s a no-brainer – investing in client satisfaction can lead to repeat purchases, trusted referrals, and the type of impassioned endorsement traditional advertising just can’t replicate.

That is to say, that building what’s called customer loyalty can be pivotal to your business’s bottom line. 

But how do we get there? 

Here are 10 things your support program should be doing to build customer loyalty: 

1. Create Lines of Communication 

Let’s start with the obvious; the importance of staying in close contact with your customers simply cannot be overstated. 

Establishing multiple, easy-to-use lines of communication between your consumers and your support team is the first step to safeguarding customer satisfaction and, by extension, building brand loyalty. This includes facilitating customer interaction via email, phone, social media, app-messaging, and, depending on your business, even chatbots. 

2. Keep Those Lines Open 

Timely, thoughtful responses let customers know you care. In fact, according to Hubspot, about 90% of consumers now expect an immediate response to customer service queries, 24/7/365.  

Responding to issues quickly, clearly, and carefully – no matter your business hours – shows your customers that you value their time and understand their concerns, leading to a positive support experience overall. 

3. Follow Through 

Everybody makes mistakes; even the best of us lose a task in the shuffle now and then. 

But when it comes to generating customer loyalty, following through on any and all reported issues, consumer queries, and outstanding tickets is crucial. Consider using ticket-tracking and ticket merging software to dilute the risk of human error.  

4. And Follow Up 

Taking longer than expected to resolve an issue? Follow up. Not sure whether the fix you put in place actually worked for your customer? Follow up. 

Checking in throughout the duration – and after the resolution – of all queries will remind your customer that your team is dedicated to their needs. As a plus, help desk and service software can help automate these follow-ups so your team stays in constant contact hassle-free.  

5. Remember the Details 

Today’s consumers anticipate a seamless customer service experience across multiple channels and queries.  

Whether it be through a data tracking system or via a dedicated support rep, taking the time to remember the details about each customer’s previous complaints, sales package, and general information can create a consistent service experience overtime and instill confidence.  

6. Reach Out  

The customer experience doesn’t end at query resolution. Reaching out on birthdays, other important dates, or even “just because” will show that your support team doesn’t stop caring once your customer is happy.  

7. Ask – Don’t Wait – For Feedback 

Be proactive about providing your customers with the opportunity to submit feedback.  

Sending automated surveys after resolving an issue or asking for customer opinions on new features lets your consumers know that their concerns and ideas are valued.  

8. Listen Carefully 

It shouldn’t have to be said, but taking consumer feedback seriously can do wonders for building customer loyalty. Alerting consumers to when you implement their ideas or when new issue-solving features become available indicates that your team takes feedback seriously. 

In addition, acknowledging responsibility for mistakes and other pain-points expressed by customers in feedback can let them know they are being heard.  

9. Offer Rewards 

Offer loyal customers specials, deals, and other gifts to keep them coming back for more.  

The benefit of loyalty programs is two-fold: not only do rewards keep customer interest on the up-and-up, but they also engender a spike in referrals from customers to friends as well. 

10. Don’t Forget To Smile 

According to American Express, 68% of customers say that a pleasant support representative was key to a positive service experience. In other words, there’s a reason we still say “service with a smile.”

While additional pressures of live chat and online communication can certainly make it difficult at times, greeting customers with positivity and respect will never cease to be a pillar of the customer experience.  

True Blue 

If customer loyalty is the goal, then client satisfaction is the name of the game.  

Follow these tips to create a customer experience that develops confidence, appreciation, and relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime.  

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