Your Customer Service Metrics Matter & Here’s Why

When it comes to customer service, data matters. Businesses can use customer service metrics to track and improve their internal processes. There are so many benefits to utilizing a ticketing system.  With the help of a ticketing system, customer service metrics help you see the bigger picture. Let’s go over some of the important customer service metrics every business should be tracking.   

5 Customer Service Metrics That Matter

1)  Customer Satisfaction 

If you’re looking for one customer service metric to focus on, this is it. The most common way that customer satisfaction is measured is a short follow-up survey. The customer can rate your service from good to bad and bring up any additional comments regarding their experience. If your customer satisfaction ratings are low, that’s a red flag.   

2) The Average Handling Time 

We live in a digital world where people can access solutions and information instantaneously. Your average handling time with a client will affect their overall satisfaction rating. That is why this customer service metric is a necessity for sharpening your customer service skills.  

3) Success Rate  

Your success rate is a customer service metric that shows the overarching outcome of your customer service efforts. This report will pull together all your customer satisfaction metrics overtime and give you a clear idea of your long-term customer service performance.    

4) Ticket Volume

At first, you might think that the more tickets submitted, the better. This typically isn’t true. When tickets come in, that means your clients are having issues. Healthy customer service metrics will show a low number of tickets coming through. So, how is measuring your customer service ticketing volume valuable? Studying the pattern of your workflow during certain times can help you predict future needs and issues of your clientele.   

5) Ticket Backlog

It sounds like we need to call in some backup! Your ticket backlog is a collection of those unresolved customer requests. A backlogged ticket is due to the ticket taking more time than normal for your team to fix or for it being outside of your range of service. Having this customer service metric at your fingertips is a great way to see where your employees are stretched too thin.  

Stay on Track

Creating a great customer service experience isn’t easy but using customer service metrics can help your team stay informed and organized. Click here to find out more about ticketing systems!  


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