Why Deskware?

Huffington Post reported that 55 percent of customers will to pay more for quality customer support. Poor customer support leads to high churn rates and frustrated customers. Generally, frustrated customers neglect to inform a business why they’re leaving. They just do.

How can your business be proactive within customer support? Work smarter with Deskware! It takes open communication and attention to detail to provide genuine customer support. Deskware helps you automate processes and manually track customer issues to get them resolved quickly and efficiently.

Features of Deskware

How is Deskware different? There’s no software to install! The system is cloud-based and accessible by an internet browser. With Deskware, your agents can work anywhere they have access to the system. Deskware features manual and automated tasks, such as:

  • Creating recurring tickets for repetitive tasks
  • Time tracking on each individual task
  • Merging similar tickets to reduce time waste
  • Automating customer service satisfaction surveys
  • Creating triggers for ticket updates, so items don’t get lost in the shuffle

Customizable Support Software

Did you know that Deskware application updates are made in real-time? So, no matter who is looking at the system, they’ll know the status of the ticket immediately. Our software integrates into your website to provide customer support to your customers 24/7.

While Deskware has built-in templates, it can be customized by your agents to meet their needs. The system is secure, and agents have the ability to enable two-factor authentications for better security. There’s also helpdesk verification, which lets agents verify customers for better security. With Deskware, your work is secure, organized and streamlined.


Deskware is a combination of manual and automated processes that allow you to resolve customer issues fast and efficiently – all in one place. The cloud-based nature of this ticketing system helps to keep track of conversations, prioritizes, categorizes and implements problem resolution, so you are always a valuable resource for your customers. To learn more, visit us online!   

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