The Benefits of a Cloud Based Application

The Old Days Before the Cloud 

What was business like before cloud computing? The truth is, before companies were using cloud-based applications, everything was stored on a physical server. This includes things like the company’s hardware, OS, storage, and applications. 

No Cloud-Based Application. What’s the Problem?  

The problem with relying solely on physical servers to compile all your important information is hardware can crash. When this happens, and your system is overtaxed, your servers will be down. In other words, you can’t work, and in some instances, your data is at risk of being lost. Even creating a configuration of servers to attempt to avoid system errors is far from foolproof. 

In fact, before cloud computing and cloud-based applications, users were responsible for backing up their data on the physical servers. Otherwise, companies would constantly be at risk of losing their data. 

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Applications 

Data Security  

The cloud provides advanced data security, so you have more roadblocks up to prevent data breaches. These parameters are there to control how your data is being stored and handled on the day-to-day. When you are working from a cloud-based application, having your data stored securely is a must. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with it 


Every company has different IT needs and infrastructures. The cloud allows you to tailor your environment to your exact specifications. As you grow, the cloud can easily grow with you, without all the hassle that comes with upgrading a physical server. This logic applies to cloud-based applications as well. Cloud-based applications used at work can be scaled for any size and type of business.  


Hello, remote workdaysExcellent service starts with meeting expectations – and today’s clients expect a lot. When you are working on a cloud-based application, your clients and employees can access the application at any time and from anywhere. 

Disaster Recovery 

Goodbye, data loss. Since the use of a cloud-based application is a form of virtual storage, you do not have to worry about any natural disaster destroying your data on a physical server. Furthermore, the cloud can automatically back up your files, so nothing falls through the cracks. 


One of the biggest concerns that companies have about switching over to the cloud is the cost. However, with the cloud’s scalability and functionality, you will save money due to an increase in productivity, accessibility, proactivity, and security. Data loss, downtime, and security jeopardies are not worth the risk of staying on your old operating system. Of course, using a cloud-based application has the same benefits. 

Get on the Cloud with Deskware  

Are you looking for a cloud-based application that helps you manage your workload, clients, communication and moreAs a cloud-based application, Deskware grants your agents easy access to your business’s support program via web from anywhere, at any time. With no software to install, your team can benefit from 24/7/365 access and real-time updates.   

The cloud-based nature of this ticketing system helps to organize client interactions, prioritize issues, categorize results and create solutions, so you are always a valuable resource for your customers. To learn more, visit us online!    

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