Introduction to Statuses

Ticket statuses allow agents, managers, and contacts using the Deskware web portal to quickly see where a ticket a currently stands without having to open it up and read through the comments.  Agents should be sure to always adjust the status of a ticket whenever making an update.  

Similar to what we saw with priority levels, Deskware features some default statuses that you can edit and add to depending on the needs of your organization. 

To view, edit, or create statuses, click the gear icon in the left navigation.  Scroll to Tickets and select Statuses.  

You’ll notice that the main Statuses page looks and functions very similar to the Priorities page.  Again, clicking on the name of an object will allow you to edit.  Because the default statuses are quite basic, you’ll want to create additional statuses to reflect any possible state your organization’s tickets could be in. 

To get started with Statuses, see How to Create or Modify a Ticket Status