How to Create or Modify Ticket Statuses

For this example, we’ll use a status of “Pending User,” which is one you will likely want to use in your organization. 

  1. Click on the gear icon in the left navigation
  2. Click on Statuses

   3. On the main Statuses page, click Add New

4. Enter the title of your status. In this case, it’s Pending User

5. Enter a description, if desired

6. Select a State to accompany your status.

The state setting determines what kind of workflows are triggered when ticket statuses change. 

Any ticket status that denotes that the ticket is open and being worked should be set to the In Progress state.  You’ll notice that a majority of the default statuses are in this state.  Similarly, any status related to a closed or resolved ticket should have a state of Completed.  Canceled is a state for tickets that are closed but don’t require any notifications or workflows to occur.   

7. Select the background color, font, and shape for your status

These three options allow you to determine the appearance of the status badge and status icon that appear in ticket windows and lists, respectively.  This icon allows you to see the ticket status at a glance.   

The options used in this example result in the following green badge when viewing a ticket tab and the green icon when viewing a list of tickets

8. Click Save