Endless Ways to Use the Deskware Ticketing System

For the best results, your business’s customer support system should run like a well-oiled machine. But if you still haven’t adopted ticketing software as a cog in that machine, chances are your support program is due for a major tune-up.  

Deskware’s ticketing system is designed to enrich the capabilities of your business’s support-based programs like customer service or IT management. Once set-up, Deskware’s smart, purposeful features will help your team streamline tasks and cultivate success, automatically. 

Ready to soup-up your support? There are countless ways your business can put a ticketing system to work: 

Say Goodbye to Email Ticketing 

Deskware’s ticketing system offers an efficient, organized response to the haphazard nature of email-based task management 

With Deskware, your team can create, and coordinate tickets received from all channels – including via email, phone, social media, and mobile app – establishing a seamless support experience across the board. 

Automate Your Workflows 

Deskware takes the guesswork out of task management. 

Ticketing systems mollify the sting of potential human error by automating follow-up responses, feedback surveys, alerts, and changes, giving your agents the time to focus on more pressing work.  

Track Your Tickets 

Deskware’s ticketing system offers a number of uniquely adept features aimed at making your program run as smoothly as possible, including:  

  • Ticket Merging and Linking used to group similar tasks or issues to reduce dashboard noise. 
  • Agent Time Tracking which ensures the most urgent tasks are actually given the attention they deserve, every time.  
  • Triggers that will automatically launch certain tasks when a relevant ticket is received. 
  • Recurring Tickets for those issues that arise regularly.  


Establish Tags & Filters 

Custom drill-down filters and tags make locating tickets and their corresponding client information a breeze. Deskware’s ticketing system can refine all tasks into pre-determined categories such as client, due date, urgency, project type, internal, external, and so on, each customizable to the specific needs of your team and all displayed on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. 

Track Your Data  

Unlike more traditional task management programs, in addition to organizing your support program’s inbox, ticketing software also facilitates data tracking. Deskware compiles both client and agent information while your agents work, using distinctive KPI’s (key performance indicators) to measure efficiency and efficacy right from the dashboard.  

Enter the Cloud 

A cloud SaaS (or, software as a service) ticketing system, Deskware grants your agents easy access to your business’s support program via web from anywhere, at any time. With no software to install, your team can benefit from 24/7/365 access and real-time updates.  

That’s the Ticket 

Ticketing software is more than just an organizational tool. Integrating Deskware’s ticketing system into your existing support programs – or creating a new program around it – will help you systemize your business’s client services of IT, measure and maintain productivity, and increase your capabilities overall.  


Quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues with Deskware. The cloud-based nature of this ticketing system helps to organize client interactions, prioritize issues, categorize results and create solutions, so you are always a valuable resource for your customers. To learn more, visit us online!   

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