5 Ways to Scale Your Customer Success

Whether you’re a startup dealing with growing pains or an established company trying to get to the next level, scaling your customer success is an ongoing process. It’s important to have a grasp on your customer satisfaction because keeping an existing client is cheaper than acquiring a new client. 

Did you know that 47% of customers were said to have switched companies after one negative experience with customer service? 

5 Ways to Scale Your Customer Success

Customer Feedback Matters  

The best way to track your customer success rate is to provide your customers with frequent surveys. To streamline this process, make customer feedback part of your customer service strategy. For example, some companies will send out an automated survey to the customer after every customer service transaction. This is an easy way to make sure you are staying in touch with the needs of your clients.   

Creating a Self-Sufficient Workplace 

Teamwork and collaboration are valuable components of every organization. However, as your company continues to grow your employees’ plates will start to fill up. In order to make time for the big picture items, you will need to find ways to automate some of the daily tasks. One way to do this is to utilize integrations between support software and other technological systems.  

Select a Customer Support Software That Grows With You  

When you are shopping for support software, it’s important to find one that can grow with your business. You can’t scale your customer success if your support software isn’t scalable. The best thing to look for in a support software is customizable features.  

Delegated Employees for Customer Success 

Every employee should play a role in keeping customers happy. The best way to keep maintain your customer success quota is to make it someone’s job to manage this process on a grander scale.  

Automation is Key  

There’s a lot of moving parts to keep track up in customer service. Take advantage of any automation tools within your support software to track, organize, prioritize, and assign tasks.  

It’s Showtime  

Now that you have the facts, you’re ready to start improving your customer success metrics. Begin by analyzing the volume of customer service requests and the workload per employee. Once you’ve calculated that, you can put all your newfound knowledge to work!  


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