5 Steps to Improving Productivity at Work

As much as you may try to stay motivated at the office, even the best of us hit a wall now and then. Who among us can say they never lose focus? But with a world of distractions at your fingertips and a schedule chock full of procedural red tape, improving your productivity at work can start to feel just as unachievable as your to-do list itself.  

That Is, Without Help…

Deskware’s suite of perceptive organizational features can give you the structure you need to trim the fat off your day, keeping your workflows as efficient as possible.  

Ready to get back on track? Here are 5 steps to improving productivity at work with Deskware: 

Creating Profiles 

Let’s start at the very beginning. Creating both agent and client profiles with Deskware will guarantee that you – and your team – have all the information they need in order to get the job done. Nothing slows down a workday quite as quickly as unknown details and misplaced materials.  

Deskware’s profile features ensure the knowledge you need is just a click away, and that each employee’s preferences are known before work gets started.  

Establishing Projects 

Were that it wasn’t, but human error is a fact of life. And forgetting even one step in a project can easily disrupt your productivity for the whole day. Deskware’s dashboard allows you to assign and track projects so nothing gets lost in the shuffle and your workflow can stay its course.  

Following Tasks 

Assigning individual tasks within projects on Deskware can break down your workload into manageable – and achievable! – segments. What’s more, Deskware tasks can be linked together to solve similar problems at once, merged with other tasks that have the same solution, tagged with keywords for easy discovery, and filtered based on your team’s specific needs.   

Using Time Tracking 

Improving productivity isn’t just a matter of increasing speeds – it’s about using the time you have, wisely. Deskware’s time tracking capabilities keep tabs on how long it takes your team to complete each task, project, and goal. This information is invaluable when structuring projects and understanding daily costs.  

Setting-Up Workflow Automation 

Let Deskware do the work for you. Adding automatic tasks, updates, client satisfaction surveys, and alerts to your workflows can reduce noise and keep your team focused on the most important tasks, rather than unnecessary paper-shuffling.  

Get Back to Work 

Stop procrastinating. Deskware is the modern service management platform that makes improving productivity at work as easy as, well, 1 through 5.  

Deskware’s cloud-based SaaS system is designed to focus your activities, track your successes, and measure results for future change. To learn more about how Deskware can increase your workflow efficiency, visit us online! 

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