5 Customer Service Trends You Need for 2019

We’ve come a long way in customer service over the years. For many companies, there are still some outdated practices that need updating. The catch 22 is to adapt to the new and efficient ways of customer service while maintaining the personal element customers want. Before we dive into the customer service trends of 2019, let’s go over some common customer service pitfalls 

  • When a customer asks you a question you don’t have the answer to
  • Excessive call transferring
  • Handling unhappy customers
  • Understanding what each customer wants
  • Working with outdated customer service tools & programs
  • Dealing with a buyer during a crisis 


5 Customer Service Trends for 2019


Predictive Analytics for the Ideal Customer Experience

Times have changed. We can now use technology to gain information that helps us better serve our customers. When companies are trying to manage their call volume, predictive analytics can save the day. Machine learning and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are two common systems used to prepare your team for the customer service storm before it hits. Items like identifying typical scenarios, improving pop up messages and email, and setting configurations, are all benefits of using predictive analytics tools. 

Company Culture and Philosophy

Company culture is two-fold when it comes to customer service trends. First, companies must have a grip on their internal company culture. If your employees are not happy, it will shine through in your customer service. Second, companies must understand the culture of their current and potential consumers.  

Only a handful of businesses are using their customer data correctly. Misreading your ‘consumer culture’ could be losing your company thousands in sales/business. Over time, companies start to think that they know their market and put themselves into a box. The danger of doing this is that your customer base is likely to evolve over the years. Remember, data is king when it comes to customer service trends.  

Conform to Modern Business Practices

There are some old school business practices in customer service that are tried-and-true. Having said that, success in the business world is all about keeping an open mind. Avoiding the use of the latest technology or internal tools could set your business back.  

There is No End to Digital

Do you roll your eyes when someone says that tech is the future? This paragraph is for you. If you want to stay up on the latest customer service trends, you are going to have to get techy! Everything is moving towards technology and technology is ever changing. Meaning, you need to stay current and frequently update your systems and software. It may feel like a learning curve for you at first, but technology is there to make your life easier. Take advantage!  

Secure Customer Service Platforms

Sensitive information gets passed back-and-forth on customer service platforms all the time. This information is stored digitally but is your data safe? Since we are moving away from the old filing cabinet, your digital storage needs to be hacker-proof. Cybersecurity is a must for businesses operating online! 

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

Technology is here to help you with your customer service qualms. The customer service trends above are a great place to start improving your current customer service experience.  


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