Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Deskware supports MFA to add a layer of protection to your agents accounts.  Enabling MFA is very simple and highly recommended.

To enable MFA:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right and click user profile.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. In the Two Factor Authentication Section, click Enable
  4. Scan the QR code from your MFA app.  If you do not have one installed on your mobile phone, you can download Duo or Google Authenticator.
  5. Once you have scanned the QR code, enter the code displayed on your mobile phone in Deskware and click save.
  6. Sign-out of Deskware and Sign-in.
  7. You will be prompted for a code after you enter your password.  Retrieve the code from your MFA app on your mobile phone.

Deskware will remember your location for 2 days and will not request the MFA code until this time has expired.  You will also receive an email notifying you a new login has been detected after you have successfully logged in.

Please contact Deskware Support at [email protected] if you require additional assistance.