Introduction to Announcements


Announcements are a way to notify your agents and / or contacts directly from within Deskware.  Having the ability to notify from within the platform avoids having to notify users separately and having users who are not aware of important communication.

An example of when to you use an announcement might be for a scheduled maintenance window of an application upgrade.

To create an announcement:

  1. From the left navigation, click announcements.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Specify if you want the announcement to be sticky.  A sticky announcement will not disappear until the agent or contact clicks the announcement bubble.
  4. Enter the title for the announcement.
  5. Enter the description for the announcement.
  6. Specify the starts at time for the announcement.
  7. Specify the ends at time for the announcement.
  8. Select the target audience for the announcement.  The announcement can be scheduled for agents, contacts or both.
  9. Toggle the notify on if you want to push a pop-up bubble to the specified audience.
  10. Click Save.

Please contact Deskware Support at [email protected] if you require additional assistance.