How to Sort Tickets in your Queue

Deskware provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to sorting tickets in your queue. You can choose to sort by ticket number, requester, queue, and even by the time of the last comment on the ticket.

To change how your tickets are sorted, do the following:

  1. In My Workspace, select the ticket view you want to adjust. In most cases, this would be My Open Tickets
  2. Click the Sort By dropdown
  3. Select a parameter from the list and either Ascending or Descending

NOTE:  The “Code” option will sort by the ticket number

Last Comment is particularly useful parameter by which to sort tickets.  If you select that option and Descending, your tickets will be arranged so that the ones with the most recent update (or response from the user) are at the top.  This allows you to focus on the tickets that are waiting for you to take action.