How to merge a ticket

Deskware’s Merge function allows you to combine similar tickets together and work the issue under one main ticket.  This is useful if a user submits duplicate tickets or if several users in an organization submit tickets for the same issue.  The main ticket will retain links to the merged tickets (which are automatically set to Completed status) if they are needed while working the main ticket.


To merge tickets, do the following.

  •  Open the ticket you want to merge.  Remember that this ticket will be completed
  • Click the Actions button in the right navigation and then Merge Ticket
  • Search for the ticket number you want to merge the tickets into
  • Click Merge Ticket

  • In the Merge Ticket Info field, begin to type the number or title of the ticket you want to be the main ticket

  • After clicking on the ticket that is displayed, you’ll see a larger Merge Ticket window. Here you are able to customize the comments that will be added to each ticket.  As you can see, these tickets also have links to the merged or main ticket for easy reference.

  • If desired, make changes to the text in each comment field
  • Click Merge
  • Repeat this process to merge additional tickets if needed

As mentioned, this process will complete the ticket you merged into the main ticket

The Conversations section will display the text from the previous window

The main ticket will have a similar comment: