How to Log Time Worked on Tickets

When your agents work tickets, it’s not only important to record the number of tickets they are closing, but also how much time they are spending on each ticket.

Deskware has several ways for Agents to record the time they spent working on a particular ticket.

The Comment Method

The easiest and most efficient way is to record time while updating a ticket using a comment.

  1. Before you beging your work, start a new conversation in the Conversations. If desired, you can click on “write a reply” at the bottom of an existing conversation
  2. Add recipients, if needed
  3. Toggle the switch next to “Log Time” to enable the time entry option
  4. Note that you can now change the settings next to the toggle switch
  5. If you are about to start your work, click the Now button next to the Start Time window. The window will be populated with the current time
  6. Perform the work you need to do and summarize in the text box of the comment
  7. When you are done, repeat step 6 but this time use the End Time window
  8. You’ve now accurately captured the time you spent working this ticket
  9. Click Add to save the comment and the time entry


The Stopwatch Method

You can also track your work time using the Stopwatch feature

To open up the stopwatch:

  1. Find and click the stopwatch icon in the right-hand navigation
  2. Click the play button to start the timer
  3. The clock will shrink down to the lower right-hand corner and start running
    1. Use the pause button to pause and resume the clock
    2. Click the X button to close out the stopwatch
    3. Mouse over the stopwatch icon to see the number of the ticket you’re recording time on
  4. Click the red Record button to stop the clock and record your time
  5. In the window that opens, enter a summary of the work you performed and click Log My Time
  6. Once you’ve completed this, you can view your time entry on the main ticket page under the Time tab

Note that if you enter multiple time entries, the total time you’ve recorded is displayed in green.


The Manual Method

The third way to enter time on a ticket is to do it manually.  Because is likely the least accurate method (unless you’ve recorded start and end times somehow) this is the method of last resort.

  1. Click on the Time tab (where you may have other entries recorded)
  2. Click on the Manual Time button
  3. In the Manual Time entry window, record your start and end times in the appropriate fields
  4. Update the status of the ticket, if needed
  5. Summarize the work done during this time period
  6. Click the Log My Time button
  7. NOTE: the details of this time entry will not be visible to the user.  They should also be included in a public comment.  This is another reason why the other methods for time entry are preferred.