How to link and unlink tickets

To link two tickets together, you’ll need to start by opening the ticket you want to be the child.

  • Expand the right navigation, if collapsed
  • Click the Actions tab (gear icon)
  • Click Link Ticket

  • In the Link Ticket window, select the option you want. In this example we’ll choose “Link this ticket to an existing ticket.”

  • Select the link type you want.

  • In the Link to Ticket field, type part of the number or title of the ticket that will become the master.

  • Click on ticket name and then on Create.

If you go back to the master ticket you created, you’ll now see a Master badge next to the status badge.

On the linked ticket you originally selected, you’ll see a Linked badge.

How to Unlink Tickets

To remove a link between tickets:

  • Open up either of the linked tickets
  • In the right navigation, click the Actions tab
  • Select “Link Ticket”
  • Click the red X in the window that appears
  • Click Cancel