How to Create or Edit a New Request Type

  1. Click the gear icon in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click Request Types

  1. To edit a default or existing Request Type, you can click on the name of it.
  2. To create a new Request Type, click Add New.

Either option you choose will take you to the same window

  • Change or enter the title of the Request Type to whatever you like
  • Enter a description of the Request Type, if desired.  This is optional.
  • Toggle on Allow Due Date, if desired.
  • Leave the Active option togged on.
  • Click Save.

The Allow Due Date option allows an agent to choose a due date for the completion of a task or procedure.  This can be done for any Request Type, although we recommend doing this only for “Change Request” and “Task” types.  It’s difficult to know when a Problem or Incident might be resolved, so having a due date set for those types of issues may not be useful.