How to Create Accounts

In Deskware, an Account is essentially a group of users who will be submitting tickets to you.  In most cases, Accounts will be companies who are your customers.  Depending on how your organization is structured, they could also be internal departments or subsidiaries.  Before you add individual users (AKA Contacts) into Deskware, you must first create Accounts under which those users will be grouped.  

To create an account:

  1. Click on Accounts in the left navigation
  2. Click Add New
  3. Complete the required field information on screen.  Title, Address and TimeZone are required.
  4. Optionally, enter information for other fields.
  5. Click Save

NOTE:  In order for emails from external companies to be automatically made into tickets assigned to that company, you must enter their email domain(s) in the “Account Domains” field.  In this example, we’ve added “” If a company has multiple domains from which people would be sending emails, you’ll need to add those as well. 

  1. Click New Address
  2. Enter the address and other info for your account
  3. Repeat this process to enter addresses for additional locations, if desired
  4. Toggle on the Default button for the main or primary location of the account

Please contact Deskware Support at [email protected] if you require additional assistance.