How to configure a custom email addresses to create tickets in Deskware

One of the first things you’ll want to do in Deskware is configure the following custom email addresses: 

  1. The address Deskware uses to send email notifications
  2. The email address(es) your customers will use to submit tickets to your Deskware tenant

These addresses are important pieces of customization that will be immediately apparent to end users who submit tickets. For that reason, we recommend creating these addresses as early on in the tenant setup as possible.

To begin, go to the left-hand panel and click on the gear icon at the bottom.   


This will take you to the Settings menu.  Scroll down to Company, click Email Settings, and then select the Default tab. 

On the Default tab, you’ll see Default Display Name and Default Email Address fields.  Here is where you will specify what email address will be associated with automated notifications from Deskware.

Default Display Name, as you might imagine, is the name that will be on the emails that users receive from Deskware.  If your company was named Acme Company, you may want to use a display name of “Acme IT Support” to indicate to users who is sending them emails.   

Default Email Address should be your company domain or subdomain name followed by “”   

For Acme Company, the address could be [email protected] or [email protected].   

From here, you can create email addresses that people will use to submit issues to your Deskware tenant.   

To do this, click on the Additional Emails tab.


From here you can click “Add New” and create as many addresses as you’d like.  Using our Acme Company example,  [email protected] would be a good address to use for the main IT support contact email.  In addition, you can create additional addresses for other departments in your organization if you choose (Ex: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Selecting the Default queue is okay for now.  A queue is where submitted tickets will go when they’re created.  When it comes time to create your custom queues, you can change the name of the Default to that of your primary queue.  Queues are discussed in more detail HERE

NOTE:  These addresses won’t be usable unless you set up forwarding for them on your email server. You’ll need to create email forwards so that emails to the additional addresses you just created will be forwarded to your default email address, which is [email protected].  

From your email server, create an email forward for your desired email address.  Using the example of [email protected], forward this email to [email protected].  Replace acmecompany with your tenant domain in Deskware.

Please contact Deskware Support at [email protected] if you require additional assistance.