Finding the Best Change Management Strategy

Change Management Strategies & Your Business  

There are plenty of reasons why a workplace would need to implement a change management strategy. Change management comes into play any time a group is undergoing a significant change with their daily work processes. Things like introducing new technology, an organizational change, or a company re-brand warrant a revaluation of your current framework. 

Starting Your Change Management Strategy  

The best way to structure your change management strategy is to ask the right questions. These questions should go over your current situation and the goals you want to achieve over time. Let’s go over the questions now one-by-one. 

Change Management Questionnaire  

Where is your business currently at?  

Before you can begin mapping out your change management strategy, you need to take a realistic look at where you’re at now. A mistake many companies make is shooting for the stars without addressing the roadblocks in their current situation. You cannot successfully work through a big transition if your foundation is unstable. 

What are your means of communication with your team?  

Communication is key. When you are working in a change management strategy, there needs to be a centralized form of communication with your team. 

Where do you want to be in 6 months? 12 months?  

Creating a timeline with realistic goals is crucial to pulling off a smooth transition in the workplace. One mistake that is often made is trying to do too much too quickly. 

Who is responsible for implementing the change?  

When you’re implementing a lot of changes at your place of business, it’s important to think about who will be impacted the most. If certain employees are affected by the changes more than others, they may need additional help or resources to complete the change management process. 

Can you get everything done successfully with your current bandwidth?  

Now that you’ve mapped out your plan, there is one more thing you need to do before you begin. You need to ask the question: Does your current staff have the bandwidth to take on these goals? Do you need to outsource anything or hire on more in-house staff? 

Change Management Strategy 101  

You’ve got all the steps to begin your change management strategy at work. Hopefully, this blog will help you get organized for a successful transition! 

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