Dealing With Difficult Customers & Keeping Your Cool

Think Before You Type  

Let’s face it; dealing with difficult customers isn’t easy. When you’re answering service requests, it’s likely the customer has experienced something negative. Understandably, someone in that situation would not be in the highest of spirits.  

Approaching every situation with the right perspective can make all the difference. To help you win a losing war, we’ve highlighted some of the most common difficult customer types below.

Fed Up Frank  

This customer has had multiple bad experiences and has finally reached their breaking point. They were a calm and pleasant customer at first, but now they are done playing games. It may not be your fault, but there are things you can do to bring them back down.   


Understanding is the key to dealing with this difficult customer. They want to see that you, as a company, still care about them, and their situation. Fighting to help in any way you can and having some empathy will go a long way. 

Silent Sue 

This is the difficult customer that is too vague or not giving you enough information to help them solve their problem. How can you fix this process, so they don’t end their experience unsatisfied?    


Questions, questions, questions! The best way to deal with a vague customer is to very politely ask them questions to clarify their real problem and specifications. 

Pestering Peter  

That difficult customer that just always seems to have one issue after the other. They are a heavy talker that maybe enjoys the complaining process just a little too much. It’s hard not to lose your cool with this one.   


In order to get through this customer service transaction, you will need to practice patience. Remember, we all have a different way of handling things. Providing a positive experience, again and again, will always pay off. 

Important Ivan  

Mr. Big Shot. This is never a fun customer to deal with. Whether the customer thinks they are a big deal or is, it’s all the same. Here are some things you must watch for.   


Don’t let this difficult customer power play you. Just remain calm and get through their requests. When you give someone like this too much control over the situation, it will likely keep happening. Be polite but have some boundaries. 

Rushed Rachel  

This difficult customer has limited time and needs things handled now. Maybe they are on vacation or have a booked schedule, but they want the least amount of fuss and the fastest turn around possible. And no, they will not hold while you transfer their call.   


Your job as a customer service rep is to give this customer peace of mind. They are likely very stressed and are looking for someone to give them updates and say the issue is being taken care of. The calmer you can be during this interaction, the better. 

Keep It Cool  

No matter what kind of customer you are dealing with, it’s important not to take it personally. When we get our own emotions involved, we have a harder time keeping our cool. Hopefully, some of these tips for handling difficult customers have refreshed your outlook on customer service. 

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