Using Ticket Filters in the My Workspace Tab

When in the My Workspace tab under Tickets, you may be looking at a ticket view that has a large amount of tickets.  Filters are a way to view only tickets that share a certain attribute, such as a request, a queue, or even keyword.

First, let’s look at a list of tickets.  In this case our list of tickets in the All Tickets view is quite small.  With no filters, of course, you will see all the tickets in that particular view.

Click the Show Filters button under your list of ticket views to display your filtering options.

You’ll then see all your filter options.  Notice that you can search by text as well as see only unassigned or merged tickets.  Further down you’ll see additional filter options.

Let’s say we want to view only tickets from Wayne Enterprises.  To do this, we’ll click on the Account tab.

Notice that the only accounts listed here will be those who have tickets in your current view.  Next to the account name you’ll see the number tickets in the view.  To view Wayne Enterprises tickets, check the box.

Once this is done, your current ticket view will only show tickets from that account.

You can repeat this process to add other filters as desired.

To remove one filter, click the Clear button on the tab of that filter. You can remove everything by scrolling down to the bottom of the list and click Clear All Filters.