How to Create an Issue or Sub-issue

How to Create an Issue Type

  1. Click the gear icon in the left-hand navigation
  2. Scroll to Tickets and select Issue Types. 

Click the name of the default Incident issue type to edit, otherwise click Add New.

  1. For now, skip the Parent field
  2. Create a title for your Issue Type
  3. Enter a description of your Issue Type, if desired
  4. Click Save.

Because we didn’t make a selection in the Parent field earlier, our Outage Issue Type can act as a parent to child objects you create.  These child objects are known as Sub-Issues.

Labeling a ticket as simply an “incident” or “outage” doesn’t provide very much detail about the issue being reported. By creating sub-issue types, you can more accurately categorize issues.   

How to create a Sub-Issue Type

  1. Browse to your list of Issue Types
  2. Click on the desired Issue Type
  3. In the Sub-Issue Type window (to the right of the Issue Type window) click Add New
  4. Enter a title and optional description
  5. Click Save


When this is done, you’ll see your new Sub-Issue listed among any others you’ve created.

As the blue field denotes, you can click on the hamburger icon (the three parallel lines) and drag each sub-issue to reorder them.