ITSM Solutions for Customer Service

Internal vs external. Customers vs employees. IT support vs customer service. We get it; when it comes to managing the day-to-day organization of your business, it’s easy to start thinking in binary. But what if we told you there was a better way? 

With ITSM solutions, there just might be. 

ITSM (or, IT Service Management) defines any and all processes related to the design, creation, implementation, and upkeep of your IT services – as well as how those services are delivered to both agents and customers alike. As such, ITSM solutions can be used to add value to nearly every aspect of your business, including your customer service program. 

It’s time you saw the bigger picture of IT. Let’s take a look at how your customer support can stand to benefit from ITSM features. 


ITSM ticketing systems can be used for more than just issue resolution alone. 

Use custom tags (unique to the particular needs of your service team), ticket merging (to connect common solutions across support inquiries), ticket linking (to group all of one client’s messages together), recurring tickets (to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks) and more to keep your customer care program organized and on message. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation tools offered through ITSM solutions can reduce redundancy, allowing your service agents to focus on what really matters: the customers themselves. 

ITSM software comes complete with automatic customer satisfaction surveys, updates, and reminders built to streamline your team’s work. What’s more, automated messaging can ensure client communications stay consistent and continual, improving overall communications. 


Today’s customers expect 24/7 care, 365 days a year. But managing the demands of an around-the-clock service schedule can be a serious burden for service teams ill-equipped to take on the task. 

Web-based agent chat and self-help chatbot options offered by an ITSM system can ensure your team meets – and, oftentimes, beats – the expectations of a modern client pool. 

Vendor Management

Store all necessary information, documents, contracts, and hosting information via a vendor management system, or VMS. 

By detailing the ins-and-outs of your business’s partner relationships for you, the vendor management tools included within ITSM solutions can assist in your risk management, maintain crucial communications, and mitigate the effects of human error within your service team. 

Two-Sides, Same Coin

It’s not just for tech. 

Adopting ITSM solutions like Deskware into your business’s software suite can improve more than your technological support. Deskware’s smart, customizable features are designed to streamline processes, improve communications, and correct errors, fast. To learn more about what Deskware can do for your customer service program and more, visit us online today!

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