Future Predictions of Customer Service Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. With it, so too is the way we do business. But as you try and keep up with all the new trends and tools that appear on your operational horizon, know that your company’s internal processes aren’t the only ones subject to change. 

Emergent innovations in customer service technology are quickly revolutionizing the way businesses interact with consumers. Matching their rate of change could spell the difference between meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the near future. 

Here are five trends in customer service technology to watch out for:

Artificial Intelligence

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about artificial intelligence in the past few years. And it’s finally time to believe the hype.

The data-collection and knowledge-storage capabilities found within the newest incarnations of AI chatbots make them one of the top choices for self-service customer support today. So if you haven’t already, now is the time to seriously consider whether AI is right for your business.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

For years voice search has been written off as no more than a gimmick.

However, recent reports from ComScore predict that half of all online queries will be made via voice search by 2020. What’s more, 55% of households are predicted to own smart speakers by 2022, whose voice search capabilities could stand to significantly shape how the average person gets the information they need. 

Ensuring that information on your customer service program is readily accessible via talk-to-search technology will keep your program on the cutting edge. 

Omni-Channel Accessibility & Hybrid Support Programs

Today’s customers expect a seamless service experience across all channels, platforms, and support networks. Establishing an omni-channel approach to customer service can guarantee your team is capable of keeping up. 

New customer service technology, like help desks and service management suites, has made it possible for service teams to cultivate personalized, positive relationships with customers across social media, email, phone and the like. 

Remote Support

Advances in personal devices and mobile access mean that remote support is on the rise. 

Enabling your agents with the freedom to work on-the-go through web-accessibility  – and your customers with the ability to receive support through mobile devices – will help your team meet growing consumer expectations without sacrificing quality. 

Real-Time Service

Your customers anticipate real-time support, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Adapting innovations in customer service technology like live-streams or agent co-browsing can satisfy your consumer’s need for instant results. What’s more, using self-service models like FAQ’s can filter out issues with common solutions, giving your agents the time they need to address more serious concerns at a moment’s notice. 

Ready to Pick Up the Pace?

With new changes to customer service technology developing every day, staying up-to-date can start to feel impossible. But being in-the-know on the latest trends in digital support won’t be for naught. 

Adapting customer service technology trends into your current support program will safeguard your customer’s experience in a time of continual change.

The Future Is Now

Rapid change calls for radical support. 

Deskware is constantly making improvements to our suite of service management tools to stay updated on the latest trends in customer service technology. To learn more about how Deskware’s current and future features could improve your business’s customer service, visit us online today!

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