Do You Need Issue Management Software?

Short answer? Yeah – you probably do.

Struggling to wade through an inbox flooded with support queries? Trying – and failing – to keep track of tickets caught in the communication undertow? IT support systems are notoriously difficult to manage, and when your methods aren’t up to snuff, it’s easy for your agents to feel like they’re drowning.

If you find yourself questioning the efficiency, competency, or precision of your IT management program, it’s probably high time you seriously considered issue management software. Designed to resolve organizational roadblocks with accuracy and ease, issue management software is a smart, cloud-based solution that will help you streamline your processes and eliminate wasted time.

From automated workflows to customizable tags, let’s take a look at how the features of issue management software can repair the flow of your IT system and keep your agents from getting swept away.


Manually sorting user queries in-email is challenging. As each new ticket becomes a chain of forwards and replies, prioritizing the most urgent problem can feel impossible.

Issue management software all but eliminates this frustration by establishing automated workflows with predetermined tasks. Through benefits like auto-responses and notification triggers, your IT system can minimize human error, ensuring that all tickets are handled with both ease and expertise.

Cloud SaaS Ticketing System

Accessible via web-browser, cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) programs bypass the complicated – and headache-inducing – process of installation. Used as a form of ticket management, this software can mitigate stress, curtail costs, and update your IT team to changes in real-time

Free from the limitations of more traditional structures, issue management software grows with your needs, offering scalable features and prices tailored specifically to you.

Recurring Tickets, Reminders & Other Highlights

Generate recurring tickets for repetitive activities, create SMS-enabled reminders when you know you’ll need a nudge, filter your tickets based on those queries which matter most, and more with issue management software.

Customizing your IT support system with convenient features like ticket merging and time tracking will keep your operations running smoothly and your team on task at all times.

Knowledge Management

Often used as a catch-all for any technical issue, the tickets on your IT support team’s docket vary widely.

Use issue management software to create a store of common questions and fixes. Doing so will cut back on unnecessary emails and meetings and guarantee that each query is met with the best possible answer.

The Upshot

Not all IT systems are created equal – and it shows.

Updating your program with issue management software can reduce inefficiencies and improve the answers your end-users receive, all while lightening the load on your fellow agent’s shoulders. So when searching for an answer to your team’s frustrations, perhaps the question shouldn’t be whether or not you need issue management software, but when you’ll be willing to accept that you almost certainly do.

Are you ready to get started?


Rehab your IT support, once and for all.

Deskware is the solution to all your issue management needs. A smart, cloud-based ticketing system, Deskware helps your team keep track of conversations, prioritizes, categorizes and implements problem resolution with ease. To learn more, visit us online!   

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