Deskware’s Key User Features

Happy agents lead to happy customers, this much we know. So, when looking for a service management solution to assist your customer support or IT help desk team, the quality of key user features can make all the difference. 

At Deskware, we know that how your agents interact with your service software matters. (After all, they’re the ones that have to use it every day.) And with a large catalog of carefully devised, agent-led tools at the ready, our systems are primed to set your teams up for success. 

Let’s get to know some of Deskware’s key user features: 

Agent Views 

Customize who has access to what information, projects, and tasks with Deskware’s agent view settings.  

Use agent view to limit employee purview. Allow agents to only see those projects pertaining to their clients and their clients alone, reducing dashboard noise and limiting distractions.  

Or, provide particularly attentive clients with controlled access to agent progress. Setting up external views can help manage expectations from the get and improve client communications overall.  

Personal Templates 

Use Deskware to create personal templates of content your team uses regularly. 

Crafting go-to responses for common issues and routine customer communications can help solidify your brand voice as well as save your agent’s some serious time on the back end. Equipping your customer service of help desk team with an up-to-date store of such templates will keep their work dependable and their schedules clear to tackle more pressing tasks.  

Custom Profile Preferences  

Your customers expect consistent, reliable service. But consistency is difficult to establish when each of your agents has distinct work preferences of their own.  

Among Deskware’s key user features is the ability for your agents to customize each of their profile settings to their specific needs. Changes in availability, preferred contact methods, specialty preferences and more are all available to your team through their profile.  

Unlock Your Potential 

Deskware’s key user features may just be the keys to your success. 

Deskware’s expert-curated suite of service management tools will not only streamline your customer support and help desk teams, but also do wonders to improve the quality of your services on the whole. A thoughtful combination of automated and manual processes, our cloud-based software takes the guesswork out of organization, taking your business to the next level.  

To learn more about Deskware’s other features, visit us online today! 

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