Customer Service: Mastering Customer Pain Points

Customer Service & Customer Pain Points  

Anyone running a business knows the value behind customer service. If you do not have happy customers, you do not have a business. In order to master handling customer service requests/complaints, you need to be prepared. 

But How Does One Do That?  

Now, you can’t be prepared for everything when you are working in customer service. But there is one thing you can do. If you understand the basic customer pain points, it can give you guidelines for how to talk with customers and tackle certain issues. Let’s go over what a customer pain point is and what some of the most common pain points are.  

What Is a Customer Pain Point?  

A pain point is considered the root problem a customer has. The mistake businesses make is that they try to sell their customers solutions without knowing their pain points. Developing solutions without knowing the pain points is like handing out bandages to customers and hoping something sticks. 

Top 7 Customer Pain Points  

Not Listening 

If there is one rule regarding customer pain points, it is to listen. It’s easy to tune out the customer when you are rushed or trying to find a solution as quickly as possible. But stopping for a moment and really listening to what the customer is saying can make all the difference. 

Being Put on Hold  

We all hate being put on hold. It can feel like some businesses put you on hold for an eternity, hoping you will just hang up. If you must put someone on hold for a long time, check-in with them periodically, and be empathic. 

Rude Interactions  

It’s all in the tone. Keep your cool talking to customers. If you are in a bad mood, it will come through when you’re helping them. Check-in with yourself throughout the day to make sure you’re staying levelheaded. 

Being Ignored  

Crickets. Is there anything worse than hearing nothing back from customer support? Do not ignore a customer. This method has never been proven successful. 

Scripted Responses  

Though using a script can be helpful, people know when your response isn’t genuine. If a customer is really upset, seeing a generic response pop up in their inbox might send them over the edge. 

Long Resolution Time  

Time is a major customer pain point. When you are wasting a person’s time, it can frustrate them. We understand not every problem can be resolved quickly but showing the customer you are doing everything you can to resolve an issue is what counts.   

No Direct Line of Communication  

Is your customer jumping from one staff member to the next without anyone helping resolve their issue? Make sure you limit the number of times you are sending/transferring customers to other employees. No one wants to retell their story 10+ times.  

Get the Point Across  

Are you ready to master the customer service game? If there is one take away from all this, it is that you need to find ways to show the customer they are valued. If you keep that in mind, all the customer pain points will be taken care of naturally. 

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