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Deskware Integrations

It’s cheesy, but it’s true: teamwork really can make the dream work for your business. 

But when it comes to building out a first-rate help desk program, how your actual team members work together isn’t the only kind of collaboration you need to consider.  

In fact, ensuring that your help desk software is compatible with – and adaptable to – those other platforms and applications your business uses on a daily basis is often just as essential to the success of your program as employee cooperation. 

Deskware champions this exact type of software synergy by integrating seamlessly with some of the top-rated and most-used platforms on the market today, in turn providing your end-users with the best experience possible.

Some of our favorite Deskware integrations include:  


No matter how many apps your business needs to get work done, Deskware’s integration with Zapier assures that they all work in tandem. 

Connecting over 1,500 web-enabled apps and counting, Zapier helps to automate your workflows in just a few clicks by setting up a series of triggers and routines that run between platforms. With Zapier, an idea that originates in Slack, for example, can be immediately transformed into a task in Deskware, speeding up your processes in a snap. 


As one of the leading CRM platforms available today, synchronizing consumer data from Salesforce with your help desk program is made easy with Deskware integrations.  Deskware diminishes the chance of lost user information by connecting to Salesforce data in-cloud, thus strengthening the overall user experience and, of course, satisfaction.  


Proper service and excellent sales go hand in hand, and so do Deskware and Shopify 

Keep your sales process as smooth as possible by connecting your help desk program with your eCommerce business by integrating with Shopify, which allows your team to manage, track, and maintain customer purchases.  


Kaseya offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for all your IT needs.  

Whether it be through a Managed Service Provider or via an Internal IT program, Kaseya links with Deskware to equip your team with the most effective service tools, saving you both time and money in the long run.  

IT Glue 

A top provider of IT documentation services, IT Glue syncs with Deskware to help you find, track and understand everything you need to know to extend excellent service to your end-users.  

Linking related items, managing security risks and collaborating on all necessary documents is easy with IT Glue’s trusted and consistent software, keeping your team fully in the know.  

Get the Gist?  

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and neither should your software. Deskware’s latest integrations are the help desk solutions you need to combat disjointed and inefficient customer service, ticket handling, and IT management.  

Building the Dream Team 

Don’t see the integration your business needs on the list? Don’t sweat it. 

Deskware is thoroughly committed to integrating with all of the platforms your team requires. Though new software connections are built each and every day, you also have the option of requesting specific integrations via our request form, which can be found here. 

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