5 Reasons Why Your Help Desk Should Have A Knowledge Base

Customer service is a tough gig. When you work at a help desk, the constant flow of requests can leave you feeling defeated. Anything that saves help desk agents time or provides customers with fast solutions can make the whole process easier. That’s why a help desk knowledge base is such a valuable tool to have. 

What is a Help Desk Knowledge Base?  

A help desk knowledge base is an online library accessible to both the help desk customers and agents. Everything in the library is organized into categories and FAQs, so your information is easy to find.  

Let’s Look at the Facts  

Did you know that 71% of US consumers have submitted a complaint regarding customer service in the last three years? With that statistic, each complaint was averaged at an hour and four minutes of wasted time. If you’re tired of the back-n-forth chaos with help desk management, creating a help desk knowledge base could be the solution you’re looking for.  

5 Reasons Why Your Help Desk Should Have A Knowledge Base 

1. Persistent Service  

Here’s the thing. When you’re recording common questions and everyday customer issues in a knowledge base, you’re cutting down the time another agent would have resolving a similar issue in the future. This allows your response time to improve and for your customers to become more self-sufficient with smaller problems. 

2. Faster Resolution Times  

With help desk management, having a list of organized resources at your fingertips will increase the efficiency and speed of your team clearing tickets. The more that gets added to your knowledge base, the easier you are making things the future. 

3. Keeps Content Relevant  

An important part about having a help desk knowledge base is making sure you are updating it regularly. As things change and updates happen within your platform, having a routine check-in to update your knowledge base will keep your site’s content relevant. 

4. Lowers Company Costs  

When your agents are saving time, they can be more productivity throughout the day. Hence, having a help desk knowledge base can increase your company profits. If there is one thing that any business should value, it’s having more time. 

5. Easier Training/Onboarding  

Think about how long it has taken to train a new employee on all your help desk management procedures and rules. Probably a very long time. Now, imagine having an organized library where the new employee can search for or study any issue or onboarding process you’ve ever completed. Sounds amazing, right? This is just another way that a help desk knowledge base can save you time and resources. 

It’s Time the Help Desk Got Some Help  

The great thing about having a knowledge base is it can be used by both customers and help desk agents to learn about the platform or to resolve an issue. Having this functionality is a game changer when working in the service management space. 

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