10 Tips for Staying Organized at Work

We get it – with a new project on your desk each day and seemingly endless meetings on the horizon, your efforts to keep organized at work can feel futile at best. But no matter how insurmountable the task of getting organized may seem, the importance of a properly coordinated work-life can simply not be overstated. 

Here are 10 tips to help you stay organized at work on even the most hectic of schedules.  

1). Clean Up Your Inbox 

It feels impossible, we know – but staying on top of your email really is a surefire way to get organized at work. 

Creating folders for different tasks, crafting go-to responses for common issues, and regularly deleting your junk and spam folders can all help you manage even the unruliest of inboxes, allowing you to maintain order overall. 

2). Turn Your Personal Notifications Off 

More and more employees are using personal devices at work. And though there are definitely benefits to having smartphones in the office, notifications aren’t one of them. 

Turn off distracting push notifications from social media, news outlets, and your personal email during work hours. Sure, you might miss out on an Instagram or two, but your productivity will thank you for it.  

3). Make Your Space Work for You 

Turns out your Mom was right – a clean space is a happy space. Who knew?

Maintaining a clutter-free workspace or desk can do wonders for your efficiency, work quality, and your attitude.  

4). Establish a Routine 

Whether it be checking emails first thing in the morning or setting aside time to make calls in the afternoon, establishing a routine that works for you can break your workday down into manageable chunks, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand.  

5). Stay Away from Multitasking 

No matter how adept you think you are, multitasking at work is never a good idea.

And while there will undoubtedly come a time when balancing two projects at once is necessary, avoiding multitasking when you can ensure that everything on your plate is afforded your undivided attention, leading to better work product in the long run.  

6). Schedule Breaks When Needed 

When you’re focused on a particular task or deadline, it can be easy to forget you need a breather.  

Scheduling out a few short breaks throughout the day can guarantee you to stay alert and energized. 

7). Consolidate Your Information Sources 

From phone calls to emails, apps to meeting notes, chances are you store your information in a number of different locations. 

Consolidate these sources into one folder place on your desktop – or into one folder on your smartphone – so you never have waste time on looking far for the information you need.  

8). Communicate 

And no – we don’t mean by email.  

Whether by phone or in-person, asking questions or talking through issues with a co-worker or manager can reduce confusion and increase workflow. What’s more, chatting things out will also cut back on the unnecessary messages in your inbox.  

9). Go Paperless 

We’ve all been there: you know you wrote down that meeting time, but where did you put the sticky note? 

Using paper products to organize your tasks takes up time, space, and valued energy. Switching to a paperless system can keep your productivity high and your stress level to a minimum.  

10). Know Your Limits 

Saying “no” may be hard, but it’s necessary if you want to keep your schedule organized. 

Manage your time wisely by saying no to projects, meetings, and tasks that you know you won’t be able to fit onto your plate.  

Need a Hand? 

Staying organized at work is a skill like any other. But are you doing enough to make sure your teams and projects are on task?

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